Patient Information

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What are the issues?

The Federal privacy legislation has recently been amended to apply to the private sector. All providers of private health services must comply with this legislation. The following information outlines the policy of Dr Brazel’s practice with regard to this legislation.

Our policy

At this practice we collect personal information from our patients for the purposes of providing quality care and treatment, maintaining financial and legal records and clinical research.

Patient information may be disclosed to other doctors, medical technicians and allied health professionals to ensure that proper health care is not compromised.

We will ensure that all personal information collected is accurate and correct by ensuring that at follow-up consultations, a regular review of your details is undertaken.

Dr Brazel is a member of various medical and professional bodies including the University of Queensland, College of Surgeons and the Australian Orthopaedic Association. These organisations provide valuable services as part of the membership and sometimes require that patient information be provided to support decision analysis and guide professional and organisational performance agreements.

Patients who wish to look at their information held by this practice or who have other queries about privacy of information are welcome to discuss these matters with Dr Brazel or his staff.